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Originally Posted by malakas View Post
Thanx very much for the advise.That's almost like I do only 2-3 sets of 8-9 reps because in that last couples reps I'm really exhausted and I know I have to stop.I don't want duration,so I do heavy,few reps.I have read,the way you lift,you train different kinds of muscle fibres and can go either for duration or strenght or bit of both.Anyway,thank you very much for the advice.You help people with weights,and people help you with friends.
If you're familiar with a particular exercise, you can do 2 sets, but most people make the mistake of doing way too many sets. Personally I do 2 or 3 sets max. I usually do 15 reps with a very light weight for my standards and 10 reps with a weight that's somewhat challenging to me. If I do a 3rd set, I'll do 8 reps with a challenging weight and by that, I mean a weight that most people can't do. Sorry to brag there. Don't do multiple sets of the same exercise. That's a no no. Do 1 to 3 sets max and always start with 15 reps with a fairly light weight for you.
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