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Originally Posted by malakas View Post
I didn't think the warming up-easy set was necessary if you're already warmed up,but you probably know better than me.I will try that,and see the results. Thanx again.
Actually, I shouldn't have put always before the 15. 15 reps is what NASM set as the number of reps a beginner should do to acclimate during a set. I do 1 set of 15 reps if I've taken more than a month off from the gym. By the 2nd week, I move back to 2 sets and if I somehow make it to the 3rd week, I do 3 sets starting at 15, 10, and ending with 6-8 reps on the last set. When I powerlift, I skip the 15 starting set altogether and do only 8 reps for my 1st set with a light weight. I move to a decent weight for the 2nd set, but I do only 5 reps, and I finish the last 2 sets with 2-3 reps. I save my strength that way for power sets.
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