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Tools you might want to consider

Guide Awl
I've encountered two types of this tool, but they both operate the same way.
When you encounter a blocked grommet, you can insert this awl and remove it. Left behind is a small tube that acts as a passage way for the string to pass through.

This can be useful in a pinch, but be careful when using this tool. It is an awl so it can puncture string if used carelessly. Also, they are notoriously brittle. Once the awl is bent, it rarely works again.

Parallel Pliers
You can use these to help you tighten your knots, if you have chosen not to purchase a starting clamp, and are having trouble using your pliers in this way. They are great for grabbing on to a lot of string and putting the tightening on a knot.

Flare-it C Clamp
This tool is used to apply an after-market flare to grommets on the inside of a frame. Flaring grommets is good for the string and the racquet on grommets that have string exiting at tight angles.

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