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Originally Posted by almerickso View Post
when cutting the strings off the racquet i just cut diagonally alternating at the points where the strings meet...

i think its in the usrsa quick start guide or something.

halves the number of cuts i need to do.. instead of main, cross, main, cross i just cut at hte intersection.
Oh yeah, good call. Didn't even think of that.

I've thought about it, and I think I have an idea. It may interfere with there patented stay sharp system. The idea behind this system, I think, is that the blades don't meet. They are slightly off so that the blades don't touch tip to tip. One of them rests slightly above the other. Cutting two strings might twist the two blades in an unnatural way, causing the tips to touch either at that time, or later.

Just one theory.
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