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Originally Posted by GeoffB View Post
I don't blame tennis warehouse for wanting to avoid copyright lawsuits.

But this is such crap. NBC and ESPN don't show many of the matches, even high profile semifinals. The Wimbledon website doesn't work with Macintosh. They aren't giving me many options. Basically, they're saying that they won't show it on a tv channel I can access, and they won't netcast it on a system that works with my computer. Oh, but respect our copyrights and "don't be a pirate", because that would be, you know, wrong.

They really are jackasses.
Ya, I had a message on the PC folder of my Macintosh and it said to upgrade to I.E. whatever ... I did that and then my Media Player would NOT work at all, did before ... then they demanded that I check the version of X P Professional that I have (which I bought WITH a license off e*B*y for $100) and they said that was invalid.

Soooooo I had to pay $150 US to upgrade my X P Professional in order to use anything on my Windoze emulator .... THEN another $25 for Wimby Live ... so it cost me $175 just to be able to watch on my computer what the networks are too ignorant to provide good coverage of ...

but things could be a lot worse, I might not have had the $175 like many folks and not gotten to see most of Wimby at all.

This is suuuuuuch a racquet~ and I am not talking about the one on the tennis courts.
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