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Originally Posted by YULitle View Post
Okay, the knob doesn't actually move the billiard. I know that it does on one side, and that is sort of an accident and won't last very long. You have to move the billiard yourself when unscrewing the knob. When tightening the knob, it has the post to go up against so there's no need to move it there. But, undoing the knob requires you to move it with your hand.
I noticed that in your 6 point mounting video, that when you loosen the knob you can move the billiard. Does this mean I should contact MP about this concern?

I took out both knobs and the one that moves comes in and out easily, like in your 6 point mounting video. The one that you saw me drop the knob for is stuck in place. It doesn't move at all.

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