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Originally Posted by ogruskie View Post
Yeah I know, I lift weights 3 times per week.

What kind of diet were you on?
i do not use protein powder/shakes... i intake animal protein (meats, milks, fish etc.)

palelithic diet (eat what 'cavemen' ate, like meats, fish, fruits and veggies)
no coca-cola or pepsi, no fries, no potato chips, no ice cream sorbet etc. stay 100% disciplined...

everyone i know thinks i am too harsh on myself as i am not living it up (being 22 i should be partying and drinking - lots of carbs and calories etc.

why not do this... warm up jog - weight/resistance training (you can do it daily if you separate the muscle groups - upper/lower or even chest day, arms day, legs day etc.) then you do HIIT (cardio in the end so you dont burn muscle)

like what i did this past friday (july fourth - yeah i worked out and played tennis on july fourth) was - breakfast (large bowl of cereal) warm up, resistance training (eat proteinliciously) and i played tennis for about 2 hours ... then i played table tennis for about an hour in the afternoon...

saturday - rest day, minor exercises like brisk walking in the park

sunday - same schedule as friday but practiced serve for ~hour or so instead of playing tennis...
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