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If the swing better than the x-2? Depends on who you ask. The mounting IS slightly more stable than that on the x-2 or the klippermate, but
1. the mounting takes more time
2. you're right, it's not a REAL 6 point, just 2 point with some other supports that aren't really 6 pt mounting
3. both the gamma and the klipper are solid machines- very few have had problems with mounting

All in all, both the gamma and the klipper are nice, solid entry level machines. They'll give you the exact same string job as will a Bab 5 star. The only difference is how long it'll take you (about 45 minutes vs 20-25 minutes).

Get the swing if you're worried about the frame deforming (again, if you do it correctly, there should be no problems with the x-2 or the klipper).
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