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Quick question here not related to serves but related to slingshot fh..

Been trying to fix the fh problem and I was thinking about you saying the pronation near the height of takeback is not done by "twist of the wrist"

This is a little confusing though. If the pronation isnt done by a twist of the wrist, how is it done? It definately isnt done by a "twist of the forearm" as I tried.

I admit im still doing the twist of the wrist to intiate the pronation/racket turn.

The problem is theres only 2 ways I can think of the racket turn can be completed

1. twisting the wrist near height of takeback
2. twisting the forearm?

Just finished looking at some fed fhs and his racket turn/pronation seems similar but just slightly different than what im doing right now.
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