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Originally Posted by meowmix View Post

All in all, both the gamma and the klipper are nice, solid entry level machines. They'll give you the exact same string job as will a Bab 5 star. The only difference is how long it'll take you (about 45 minutes vs 20-25 minutes).
I find this to be misleading. Yes, there is a difference in time and convenience, but that's not all when comparing entry-level machines to professional caliber. Professional machines lose less tension during the stringing process, are more consistent, do less damage to the strings which can lead to premature string breakage especially with fragile strings such as gut, etc.

There's nothing wrong with the string job of an entry-level machine per say if you're only stringing for yourself and settle in on a tension on THAT particular machine that you like. However, the string job produced IS different and not the baseline standard.

This coming from someone who started off on the entry-level machines. Whatever machine you use, you get used to the results it produces and groove your game around those results; just don't expect to string for discerning customers and expect to give them exactly what they're used to if they're used to getting their rackets strung on a professional machine.
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