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Originally Posted by aussie View Post
I string on a Klippermate for some very, very good players and whether they qualify as "discerning" or not is open to conjecture, but they to a man are very happy with the string jobs I do for them. These are guys who have had their frames strung by a former US Open singles champion and other high profile pro stringers and my jobs match the tension and quality they expect. The thing is, I can produce on my Klippermate quality, consistent string jobs that play as well and last as long as jobs produced on expensive machines by pros. They don't care that I take much longer than the pros, only in the end result.

So, !Tym, whatever the "baseline standard" is, I seem to meet and probably surpass it which is more than many pros with "professional machines" seem to do.
Good Point! Stringing is 90% stringer and 10% machine. I know the stringing machine sales force hates to hear this, but it is true. Once you learn how to string, and understand your machine, then you can produce a consistent string job.

It is doubtful if anyone on this board could tell the difference between a racket strung on a Klipper or a Star 5, assuming they were strung by knowledgeable stringers.
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