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Read this thread of serveitup911's. He actually DID what you are asking about ... and did it very methodically and well.

(I, on the other hand, "fell into" a scholarship in an NAIA school. But that was over 33 years ago. Some of my friends still hate me for how I lucked-out.) But I didn't do it right. If you "count" on having my luck, you'll more likely be sorry.

Coach Carter's post is also excellent ^^^. Read it. Then read it again.

I got a scholarship to an NAIA school with a very creative Coach (who knew he couldn't help us much with strategy and tactics ... so he scheduled us for experience and hoped we learned through "the school of hard knocks.")

We traveled all over a five state region ... and got our butts handed to us by (even) the B Teams of some good NCAA I, NCAA II and NAIA I schools. One of by buddies played for a rival school in our Conference ... didn't get any scholarship ... and they didn't travel much at all like we did. We had a blast and learned a LOT about competition and got to see and meet some cool schools and teams. And ... we whomped my friend's team when we met them in-Conference(!).

Then I transferred to a NCCA III school (no sports scholarships) which actually had a much better team than my previous college. We won our Conference each of my last two years ... and each year the team voted NOT to go....! Academics was way more important to all of them than it was for me. That team traveled minimally and kicked butt in the Conference.

Now I am a HS coach. Three years ago my #2 player showed enough promise that I thought he had a shot a scholarship to a lesser Div II or NAIA school. But he and his family wanted him close-by.... He's still playing for a local Div II school which is pretty good. Only the top 3 players get any scholarship, and he is barely hanging-on to a low Singles spot. But he's happy -- he's getting a very good education -- AND he's playing competitive tennis.

What do you want out of college? What do you offer a college? What do you want out of college tennis? What do you offer your potential team?

Have fun...!

- KK
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