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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
I'm pretty sure the stats I listed for this match are incorrect. Got it from this article:

The article has Goran at 42 winners, 30 unforced errors, Rafter at 49 winners, 11 unforced errors. I don't believe aces were counted in the winner count. Goran had 27, Rafter had 13. If aces were counted in that winner total, that means that Goran only had 15 winners outside of aces in the entire match, which seems unbelievable.

When I add the aces, Goran now has a differential of +39, Rafter at +51, which makes more sense for a match of this length & a match that Goran won(and both players were S&V on 1st & 2nd serve, that type of tennis usually lead to high winners/low errors)
I think Aces are normally included.
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