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Default Charles Nguyen ( is a SCAM ARTIST

just wanted to give EVERYONE the heads up that this guy is a major scam artist and nobody should dela with him!

charles has a profile name of nguyenc_07

his email is

we first emailed each other through tennis talk and after a few emails here and there, we agreed on a trade

me living in australia and him living united states, it was always going to be hard

we were meant to trade racquets

i was offering him my pair of kfactor tours + 3 sets of alu power + cash and he was going to trade me his 4 microgel extremes, bag and grommet

i sent him my racquets and he said he sent his and had been 3 weeks and still nothing - after emailing him many times, he would constantly say he had sent the racquets and other loads of crap but he's a lying scumbag

i had a few people try to track down his happenings or where abouts and before i knew it, someone found that he was selling MY RACQUETS (kfactors) on craigslist and also the racquets that were MEANT to be mine (microgel extremes)

i contacted him through email and phone but he is not picking up - something very dodgy happend when i called him up and i asked if he was there and a voice said "no he is not" but it was clearly him and he hung up

since then i have been directed to his message box and he has not been replying

i have his email address, phone number and also address


below are the racquets that we were meant to trade
the extreme that i was meant to have and the kfactor that was mine but he has made changes to it (restrung it etc)

he said he shipped the racquets on the 16th of June, but as you can clearly see - his for sale date on his craiglist ad are in July

if anybody can help me, please do - i have his mobile (408 218 6799) and his address is

3246 Cortona Dr
San Jose, CA 95135

whoever can get him to send me my racquets will receive a monetary reward

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