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AznKikz: hey do you still have your head extreme pro?
Atakusai: i dont have a extreme pro?
AznKikz: i meant the regular one
AznKikz: the microgel extreme
Atakusai: i ship it to aus last month for a trade
AznKikz: oh
AznKikz: do you have any wilson kfactor tours?
Atakusai: no
AznKikz: are you selling any racquets at this moment?
Atakusai: ??
Atakusai: what kind of question is that?
AznKikz: I saw your posts on craigslist and was wondering if any of those racquets were stll available
Atakusai: well
Atakusai: if you want to tell ivan that i ship his racket already then please do
Atakusai: if he keep on threathen my safety
AznKikz: whos ivan?
Atakusai: then i will contact the police about this matter
Atakusai: well
Atakusai: you understand what i mean
AznKikz: actually no
Atakusai: aka the topspin man
Atakusai: and stop with this nonsense
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