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what a joke, this is ridiculous

its stupid how he's commited this crime yet still pleads his innocence when he is stacked against the wall

then tries to cover his tracks, not realising that he's been caught out

just plain dumb and stupid if you ask me

ps. dont worry, fluffy beaver, due to some excellent thinking by one of the forum members (flash9), i have taken some print screens and copy and pasted the craigslist ads. into a word doc

i have evidence =) he is a cheater

if we take another closer look at another situation, in this thread

he says that the racquets have been sold (and at this point, i thought it was in regards to the trade with me) and approx 2 - 3 weeks later, he posts his own microgel extremes on craigslist for sale and ironically, he has a few kfactor tours.

who's kfactor tours, you ask? MINE

if he honestly thinks he has done nothing wrong, why doesnt he prove his ugly face on this forum and say something wait...still scum

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