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Originally Posted by AznArtist209 View Post
why don't we have a list of trustworthy people, liek to take the rackets from both parties before mailing them out, or sending pay pal or any of that stuff, i mean there are members on this board that we do trust right? and in return they get like string or a little gas money, sounds fair enough?

I recommend everyone use Heatware ( it is widely used on tech sites such as anandtech, hardforums, etc. but can be used to trade anything.

Also, if you do use heatware, ALWAYS email the email listed on the site to verified that the evaluation is the actual person.

I have shipped and sold high priced items to people by using heatware to look up their references.

It is standard practice at anandtech, that people who do not have heatware ship first, this cuts down on scamming as it discourage scammers (like Charles) to make up a new username and scam members.

If both members are new (no evaluations or very few evaluations) then the members can ask for a third party. This made cost more, but an extra $20 is better than losing a few hundred.
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