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Default How to post images and keep it 56k friendly

I know i'm just a newbie on this site, but i've come over lots of threads where people ask how to post images or where they post humongous photo's of their gear which take ages to load on anything less than 10mb broadband.

So here's a little guide for people who've always wondered how to post pics and keep it bandwidth friendly. If you have any comments please let me know.

1: Point your browser to and you'll see this window:

Click the "BROWSE" button and point it to the picture on your harddisk that you want to upload to imageshack's servers. If you've done so the pictures name and location will show up right next to the "BROWSE" button. After that just click the "HOST IT" button in the bottom of the window, which will take you to the following window:

Here you'll see a thumbnail of your uploaded picture in the bottom-left of the window and your links in the lines above that. Now just click on the line that says "THUMBNAIL FOR FORUMS (1)" and it'll automatically select the whole line. Click your right mouse button and select copy from the pop-up menu (or use ctrl-c) and copy the text to the reply window in the forums (again with the right mouse button --> paste, or use ctrl-v).
Now you'll get a nice, small thumbnail in your reply that won't tax the bandwidth for people who are just reading the forum and the people that do want to see the picture can just click the thumbnail, which will take them to a larger version of that thumnail in another window/tab. If people are interested they can click that pic for the original full-size picture that you uploaded.

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