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wow, this is all overwhelming support guys

i feel like i have my own detectives =)

cheers once again guys

so after putting all the clues together, i get the feeling that charles and mike are the same people

this mike character is getting pretty shifty as well no doubt cause a few times i have called him, he has denied he was charles (he also claimed that he did not know any charles)

which is absolutely incorrect because we all know that he does

furthermore, it is a very shifty that his username and also flyer also utilises the same pics that charles had on his craigslist

i have both of these scumbags address

Charles Ng

3246 Cortona Dr
San Jose, CA 95135

and Mike Lam

3050 Everdale Drive
San Jose, CA

furthermore - it seems that my kfactors that were stolen are clearly on **** yet the problem is that icant do anything about it given i am too far away from the situation - any of you guys can help, please do

our initial instincts were right - they were mine and everything lines up

also - if anybody could, please call the cops on these people
i have their emails, phone numbers and address

thanks guys
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