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Topspin, as the victim of fraud, you would have to contact the SJ Police Dept and file a complaint. You could also file a complaint with your local police and they should contact the SJ police for you. It is as much an Aussie crime as it is a US crime.

Even in Australia, you should be able to contact the bay and try to have the auction shut down. Go to the bottom of the auction page and click on report this item, follow that through the believe item is stolen, write your description of events, and tell them you are filing charges with the police. They might shut down the auction if your description is believable.

Maybe one of the people here will be kind enough to open a new account on the bay and win the auction and just sort of forget to pay. ;o)

The rackets, bag and grommets you were supposed to receive in trade are now on sale on LA craigslist by the same dude that has your stolen frames on the bay. (See post # 121) I wonder if he knows they are stolen. He might be doing someone a favor and be unaware of the history. Or he might be up to his arse in this mess. ;o)

If you want to get inventive about paybacks, you could use one of the many search services on the internet and get their Social Security numbers and post them daily on the LA and SF Craigslist. Identity theft is a big problem in California because of all the illegal aliens. Someone with their real names, addresses, phone numbers and SS numbers could certainly make their lives a living hell.

Next time be a little more careful who you deal with, mate.

Maybe Charles will grow a brain and decide it is in his interests to send you what he was supposed to send you and not deal with the hassle of potentially being arrested for fraud, etc. His name is ruined. Anyone who does an internet search for him will see this for years to come.

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