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Originally Posted by ericsson View Post
That's a very ignorant post, give the guy a break, he had many injuries, last tuesday again at the Dutch open, he won some challengers/futures to get back on track, don't forget he played the final on Roland Garros some years ago, for a big guy like that, that is a huge performance!
are you familiar with the concept of Free speech and personal taste? i actually believe he is one of the least talented players ever to land his feet on a Slam Final... so read my opinion and if you dont like it ignore it.

Originally Posted by Cyclone View Post
yeah seriously, i agree, people are great armchair atheletes and are quite ready to say "oh he plays like crap" or "he's wasting his potential", but consider that some players just don't have the talent or ability to win 324093 grand slams. .
so you are my neighbour to know if i am a armchair athlete? let me introduce you this guy here:

3 time regional champion in (Football) soccer on the high school league (in the country of cristiano Ronaldo)
1 time national champion on the junior high volleyball league
currently working 6 hours of gym, 3 hours of tennis and 1 hour of indoor footbal per week.... not bad for a couch potatoe

Originally Posted by Cyclone View Post
for a guy like verkerk to serve and volley his way to the french open final is a huge accomplishment. it's sad that the only way to be a "great player" is to win multiple grand slams and become number 1 in the world. i think even reaching the 4th round or quarters is a respectable result. does it make you a great champion? perhaps not. but let's not forget that accomplishments are not black and white. too many people in general only acknowledge a multiple grand slam winner a success.
i have for current favourite players among others Nalbandian and Gasquet... are we clear about this now?
The Telegraph : Operation Puerto doctor Eufemiano Fuentes 'treated tennis players, athletes, footballers and a boxer'
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