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Originally Posted by proken7 View Post
Sorry I couldn't chime in sooner. The clamps do have a big nut on the bottom. After saying this it also seems like there is a spring mechanism also in the clamp. If you turn the lever just a bit before the clamp tightens to the frame the lever will automatically return to it's previous positon.

Maybe all conelock clamps have this. I don't know. If not maybe it's a partial spring assist or partial conelock. The spring in these clamps don't assist in tightening but aid a little when loosening the clamp.

In any case the clamps require very little pressure. I find just the use of my thumb against the lever is enough for both tightening and releasing the clamps. I really like having only three teeth on top of the clamp, easier to fit between the strings.

Again I'm not saying they are a true spring assisted clamp because you feel more pressure as you turn the lever more to tighten the clamp to the base. Like turning a bolt with a nut on the other end for lack of a better description. That would probably constitute conelock. There is however some spring action when loosening the clamp. Like I said earlier maybe all conelock clamps work this way.

Hope this helps.
Hmm, I would call Silent Partner and ask if this is normal.

Originally Posted by Il Mostro View Post
FWIW, there is minimal tightening/movement of the lever required to secure the clamp bases to the table. As soon as the lever reaches the end of the springs' tension range, the bases are 100% secure and do not move. It is possible to move the lever further (with some effort required), but it is superfluous since the tightening has been completed via the spring action. When released, the lever springs back to the fully open position. The nut at the bottom secures the bases to the table. These are more robust looking than the bases shown on the SP site.
Does it actually just take a flick of a switch on the bases to tighten them then?
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