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After taking his ad down last night, the items that were allegedly to be sent to Topspin Man in trade are back on sale in LA Craigslist by the same guy who is selling the allegedly stolen Wilsons on the bay. jhuttepain

4 microgel extreme 12 racket bag, and 3 grommet cheap cheap cheap - $300 (LA)
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Date: 2008-07-16, 6:54PM PDT

I have 4 Microgel Extreme that is in used condition 8/10, if you buy all 4 Extreme i will include a 12 racket tennis bag for free, additional i give you 3 grommet, these racket is currently strung with Luxilon Big Banger alu Power hybrid with sythenic gut. i located in LA, you can email me and set a time where we can meetup sale these racket.

email me at


This is all pretty weird. The only J Huttepain in LA is a 40 something adult male so unless his kid is using his bay account, it is hard to understand his involvement. The guy's bay record is perfect on about 90 deals. He would not appear to be someone who is likely to be involved in a racket scam. For the record, bay seller JHuttepain claims complete ignorance of any stolen rackets. He says that rackets are his and he doesn't understand what is going on. But since the rackets for sale on the bay seem to be identical to the ones Topspin Man claims were stolen and the items that Topspin Man claims were to be traded appear in LA Craigslist for sale by J Huttepain and appear to be the exact same ones that were offered for sale by Nguyen (Ng) and Lam in SF and SJ (and by Nguyen on TW), it seems evident he is somehow involved, perhaps unwittingly. A very strange coincidence otherwise. Something doesn't add up here.

Calling Sherlock Holmes, over.

Hopefully the police will figure it all out.

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