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Originally Posted by YULitle View Post
A spring assisted clamp is one where the base lock drives a wedge into the track, keeping the clamp from moving. Cone locks are almost as simple as a screw with a nut on the other side where tightening it keeps the clamp from moving down the track. Cone locks typically need to be turned further to work well, and spring assisted clamps are just that, assisted. When you go to unlock them, most of the work is done for you.
not to start an argument but I would have switched the definitions if i was asked this question.

GAMMA has had 4 different swivel clamp bases:
1. Wing Knobs (look like the letter X) - basically a nut & bolt but can be undone or lock while turning (this is why we discontinued them a couple of years ago, replaced with #2).

2. Quick Action Bases - spring assisted handle for returning - basically a nut and bolt that tighten to the track. won't ever lock while turning, handle is always in the same orientation when opened on the base. they are on our current table tops, 5003, 5800 & 6500.

3. Cam-lock Bases - spring assisted handle return, had a cone inside when you'd turn the lever, a part would push the cone up and clamp to the turntable. (discontinued a couple of years ago, sold with 7500 & 8500, replaced with #4).

4. Switch Action Bases - cone inside, similar to the #3 but improved, there is a spring & cam that lets you know when it is secured, some people describe them to be like a light switch. come with the 6004 & 8800.

#2-4 has springs to help the handle return to the open position, but the spring in #4 also helps to make the closing a lot easier too & there is a cone, so i would consider the cone lock clamps to be the more expensive & the nut & bolt design to be less expensive.

i figure the more info you guys have the better about our products and since the original thread was about 5003 vs Maestro
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