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Originally Posted by Sean Dugan View Post
Hey, I think I can see Topspin Man's rackets on the back deck. ;o)

Princegod, I think the listed homeowner's name is Lan Ngo. Apparently, there is some sort of relationship bewteen the name Ngo and Nyugen in vietnamese culture? For that matter, Charles may well be an americanized version of Quoc or something like that. I'm not vietnamese so maybe someone who is can fill us in.
Lan is a woman's name. So the homeowner, if registered under Lan Ngo, is surely a woman. There are not relationship between Ngo and Nguyen at all; They are just two last names just like any two last names. Majority of the time when Vietnamese pass their citizen test, they are encourage to choose an American name for later purposes such as passport, and when they do the name they choose has little to no correlation with their Viet names. Although i do see some Vietnamese names like Anh, A'nh, or An take on American names like Andy and Andrew but that's because i know them, but in this case, it's just pure guessing.
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