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hey topspin man sorry to hear about this, and for the rest of you, please don't get too hot-headed and deal vigilante justice via something like baseball bats, kerosene, rocks onto house or car, threats of any kind, calls at 3 AM or fecal vandalism. though I am sure the general sentiment here is that the guy deserves all these things, please play by the rules and go by the law and hopefully get this sorted out properly. I wonder if that address is his real home address. It might be his friend's or a kind neighbor's who is oblivious to nguyen's less than honest dealings, to say the least. heck, if nguyen has half a brain, nguyen wouldn't even be his real name.

I guess everyone should take a page from this and deal with people with good references. If that's not available, deal via paypal so you have a proper channel of filing a dispute and getting your money back.

again topspin man, i am sorry you got scammed. hopefully you can find solace in the support us forum members are showing.

what are you guys hoping to achieve. i am hoping at least the SJPD will pay the man(calling him a man is giving him too much credit, i'm afraid) in question a visit.
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