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and people, please don't get racial on this like tennislover
Originally Posted by tennislover33 View Post
Not a problem at all Mr. Meo. No worries.

This Vietnamese Scam Artist guy he acts exactly just like the Vietnamese Communist who is famous and/or well-known for STEALING OTHER PEOPLE'S PROPERTIES. I believe Charles Nguyen has chosen a wrong country to live his life. He should stay in Vietnam, join the Communitst Party and steal people's lands, properties...........he'll be rich fast instead coming to the States and cheating people on trading and selling tennis racquets. Is it worthed? Don't know what this guy is thinking?
it's really not what America is all about, right? i mean, for all we know, nguyen coulda been born here... i am not taking a jab at you or anything tennislover. i admire your enthusiasm. i am just trying to keep people level-headed.

lets just keep the focus on this nguyen individual and finding proper channels to make this complain official.
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