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FWIW I'm Canadian also and like you pondered over which machine the 5003 or maestro. You're right there was less shipping hassles with the maestro. Received it within a week of ordering it.

I'm happy with my purchase. A spool of SP string 16 guage synthetic gut came with it. I used it in an old racquet to get a feel for the machine as I never used a crank before just drop weight. Now I experiment with polys and higher end multis. Currently using X1 biphase 17 in my pure drive.

Wish I had experience with the 5003 so I could share my thoughts on it. I'm sure it's a fine machine.

My X2 drop weight served me well for 3 years but in all honesty I really enjoy stringing alot more with the maestro as I should because it's totally different with its higher price and more convenient.
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