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Originally Posted by lecter255 View Post
what so all thieves with a Nguyen last name are Viet-Coms now? What kind of rubbish logic is this? By that reasoning, everytime you see a white thief or robber do you think about how Native Americans where displaced by white folks and hence think the entire US government is evil? From the sound of it you were deeply wronged by the Vietnamese government, and I am sorry if you have. But this is not the right board for political rants and raves.

And I don't think the pride of Vietnamese people is hurt by this one criminal. He's just one person. If you let this one person's crimes bring shame to everyone with a last name of Nguyen then you are giving him too much credit, don't you think?
If I am not here to support THE TOPSPIN MAN, I would discuss w/you about this. You have your own thoughts and I have mine. I don't have to listen to your rubbish either. That's it man. Good luck ! Get back to The Scam Artist.

Sorry Topspin Man and everyone else. Let's dig deeply what should we do next with this guy.
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