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hey topspin man check the link below

scroll to where it says:
If You Have Been A Victim of Internet Fraud:

then click on "file a Police Report Online" at the second bullet.

did you do this yet? at least you will get a formal complain in the system.

anyone else who have been scam by this guy should do the same and hopefully generate some buzz so the cops will look into it, hopefully. SJPD says "An investigation will usually be initiated if we get multiple reports on the same individual and losses can be aggregated to at least $4,000."

SJPD are suppose to look into this matter because the suspect lives in SJ and the goods are sent to SJ, so it's in their jurisdiction, not some police department in Australia. Sounds like SJPD is offloading the responsibility just because you aren't in US. So it's even more important for ppl to generate buzz on this and have ALL VICTIMS COME FORWARD. TW should definitely shine some light on this.

best of luck
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