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Originally Posted by Gorecki View Post
are you familiar with the concept of Free speech and personal taste? i actually believe he is one of the least talented players ever to land his feet on a Slam Final... so read my opinion and if you dont like it ignore it.

so you are my neighbour to know if i am a armchair athlete? let me introduce you this guy here:

3 time regional champion in (Football) soccer on the high school league (in the country of cristiano Ronaldo)
1 time national champion on the junior high volleyball league
currently working 6 hours of gym, 3 hours of tennis and 1 hour of indoor footbal per week.... not bad for a couch potatoe

i have for current favourite players among others Nalbandian and Gasquet... are we clear about this now?
Sorry but that isn't a whole lot for a week, it really isn't.
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