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Yeah I had considered that about the tension loss... I just mentioned Polygut b/c I had it around and wanted to use it...(and I just want to try more strings!) Was hoping someone would say something like Poly Pro Plasma or something else that holds tension decently and is low-powered. That would be a kick--gut color in mains and super orange in crosses!

M-P, I've got the tension up to 62 lbs now w/ my Pro 1s, and still the first time I hit with it balls were just jumping off my racquet. This was the first time I tried gut w/ the Pro 1...w/ the Extreme FT a gut hybrid at 60 lbs was really sweet. The Pro 1 being more powerful I bumped it up to 62. As it broke in a bit I got a little more used to it, but I'm just planning for next time. Nothing's especially wrong w/ PSG crosses, I was looking for another way to mute some of the gut's power a little w/o losing the feel of gut mains too much.

Yes I'm probably being nitpicky... (As a side note and as I think about this a little... I'm beginning to think I'm not actually getting a full 62 lbs out of my Klippermate... thinking out loud)
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