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Originally Posted by baseliner View Post
Hey Gemini, check the incoming average SAT for the 2 institutions. UGA now exceeds GTU.
Yeah..It's not hard to exceed the average SAT of a school that doesn't exist (GTU). But Tech is a different animal all together. Just keep believing the fallacy that the average SAT scores of UGA matriculates are higher than those of Tech. History's been on Tech's side and the last time I checked (incoming class of 2007), Tech was still ahead in the SAT numbers. Granted, UGA's been improving (catching up) but that's definitely not the same as leading.

Originally Posted by baseliner View Post
GTU has lived in the past for 50 years claiming to be an academic institution of excellence. Mediocre engineering school.
Hmmm...I could say the same about UGA being a mediocre school..period... compared to U of Florida or Vandy. And calling it a mediocre engineering school is no indication that it's still not better than UGA. I've already pointed out one program that both Tech & UGA have in common (MBA) and Tech's ranked higher (U.S. 2009 Grad School Rankings). That's apples to apples.
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