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Originally Posted by Bend008x View Post
While I applause your effort to take this to a private forum, I highly doubt taking this to facebook or to another private forum will be any different from what is all ready going on here.

While being suspicious is one thing, pointing out everyone as Charles is a bit paranoid. As many people who are here know, one of the main forums for tennis discussion is the TW forums and one of the main places to look for reviews and spec is TW's site.

But anyhow, I'm not looking for an invite to the society, you can relax. I'm here to offer whatever info/help I can, but if it is not wanted, it is surely not an Inconvenience on my part place my period after this post.

I believe with a bit of investigation from the authorities, there are tracks that leads back to Charles. First of all, I'm sure the phone number he listed wasn't a prepaid phone and was registered to him or his family. Secondly, the OP would have records to the emails and other exchanges that had with Charles. That shows that there was a deal and that a transaction was taking place and the terms of the deal.

Secondly, the goods to be exchange from the OP were K Tours with L4 grips, it so happens according to Charles own post, he was looking for some K tours, two weeks or so after, Charles post that he has K-Tours for sale and the exact same grip. It is not hard to connect the dots that rackets Charles is trying to dump are of the OPs - not to mention he posted them on E****. E**** would definitely have name the sellers registered.

As for the address, there is no doubt in my mind that the address Charles posted was of his actual address. He did not use that address to scam the OP, he has posted that address for MANY of his ads, ones here and ones various other forums along with other hints he has posted in various sites, e.g., "Tennis courts across my house".

The OP knows Charles involvement, his phone number, his address, what he looks like, emails and other forms of communication, all is left is for the OP to go out there and go after Charles. Contact the SJPD until someone will help, list whatever help you can to place pressure on Charles. Don't let him off the hook!

Also, if you both ends up on Court TV, I hope you two go in front of Judge Judy. I'm sure it'll be fun to watch Charles lie in front of someone so intimidating (at least to me)
2 people is paranoid? Both of you are new both of you have all this "help" such as easily finding information about him.
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