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Originally Posted by mashimaru View Post
no problem, meowmix you got my email. i did visit the known suspect place today, no luck. the people did open the door for me(vietnamese i guess) i did explain the problem to the lady, but all she told me is that there no one in this house that play tennis, and she know of nobody under the name Charles Nguyen, Mike Lam, or J Pain.

One Major thing she mention is that, there a package that did arrive, at the door step, but it not for Charles Nguyen, and the name she doesnt know, but she return it to the postal office.

hope this help.
I am sure that they did open the front door for him, it's his house!! He probably opened it himself, walked outside and made this all up. Anybody can open the front door to their own house and make up a good story.
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