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Sup - Sorry I missed your call last night... no reception in the bar, which I didn't realize until I left the bar. The show was alright, my friend is just the lead guitar in the band... I don't know the rest of the dudes.

BTW, what happened on Friday night? I was pretty drunk by 9:00pm, so sorry if you showed up later and I wasn't there. I don't remember what time we left but it wasn't that late. There was some 80's theme party going on and all I remember was talking to two girls, one was dressed like Madonna and the other was supposed to be Punky Brewster maybe.

If I was sober enough I could've asked them to join the kickball team, hahaha.

Today I'm eating poke, drinking a Sapporo and watching "Old Boy" which I think is a Korean film. Pretty much have all my "Asian" bases covered.
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