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Originally Posted by vsbabolat View Post
I still think Dancevic uses the C10 Pro. Dancevis's racquet does have the Twin Absober Handle.

This photo was taken on July 22, 2008 at the Rogers Cup in Toronto.

Dancevic's racquet has the 16x19 string pattern just like the C10 Pro.

Oh! Did I mention I also own a C10 Pro.
pictures show he is using the twin absorber dont know that it is a actual twin absorber handle system under there or that he even uses any dampening system...that thing you see is a thin piece of cardboard w. graphics on it..the dampening system <if any> lies beneath. you gotta love the German attention to detail even on paintjobs. hey, maybe they powerbridged the bridge of HIS frame making it more a PB10 than a c10...maybe it's a gen1 w. dnx bumper..maybe the layup is that of a Gen1 or a pb10 or a dnx10...quien sabe..who cares...all the pictures prove is that he is using a paintjob of a c10pro, which is what we all knew to begin with
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