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Originally Posted by vsbabolat View Post
It looks to me that starting in Jan. 2008 that Dancevic switchd to the C10 Pro. The bumper part of the Grommets don't go around the head like on the Tour 10 MP Gen 1.

This photo is from the 2008 Australian Open playing with the yellow C10 Pro

This photo is from June 2008 at the Surbiton Trophy plaiying with the black c10 Pro
This Photo is from June 2008 also at the Surbiton Trophy playing with the C10 Pro.
good pics. maybe he did switch then. the pics i saw clearly had the CAP like bumper. maybe they were just old? the backhand shot where you show 16x19 really looks like the c-10 mold. doesn't have the flare out at 4/8 o'clock like the t10 does.

in this pic from 2007 rogers cup he has the t10 gen 1 mold. you can see the difference.

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