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Randomname, I played Jorge in men's doubles at Nationals, this year. He and his partner (Matt something) were very good and beat me and my partner 6-2. I came away thinking he was very good, but not insane.

However, in the finals against Cal, Jorge looked damn near unbeatable by club tennis standards.
yeah, I play at A&M so I've seen quite a bit of jorge. he isnt un-beatable there are just very few things that work well against him, if you know who the dibuas are (the giant nigerians) omon used to kick his *** pretty routinely with a serve and volley game. but jorge was playing out of his mind in the finals, cal's sub didnt even win a point when he went in, I felt bad for the guy (but not that bad, since they did just beat us). It was a real shame though, cal's girls were absolutely insane but their guys completely collapsed in the finals, I seriously think that their girl was better than their guy in mixed.
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