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Originally Posted by dork2tennisstud View Post
MTC, I'm not really sure how strong Dartmouth is either, but I've played some other teams in your section.

Brown had an EXCELLENT team this year, and Harvard had VERY strong guys, but just so-so girls. We played Northeastern in the fall, and they were just okay. Yale seemed pretty good, though we never played them.

Brown and Harvard were definitely for real, though, but I can't tell how deep the New England section is. You should definitely try to get your team down to Syracuse this year for a tournament (they host a big one in the spring). Good luck.
Syracuse is pretty far for our team to go with a small budget. The Yale players were solid and our A team beat theirs. Surprisingly, the team that gave us the most trouble was UNH; they had a phenomenal girl playing mixed -- best hands I've seen, absolutely amazing at the net. We also played against Northeastern in the spring and won, but I don't think they had all their top guys and neither did we so it'd be hard to gauge. That said, I do hear that both Brown and Harvard are excellent teams. And unlike Harvard, I'd say our girls are much stronger than our guys.
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