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Originally Posted by iHabNoTeef View Post
I have heard good things about the Klipeprmate and Gamma X-2 and both of these stringing machines fit my budget. I plan on purchasing one of these machines but before I do, I would like to know the differences between the two and which one TW users would prefer to use
Essentially the same, besides the gripper, where the Klipper has a linear gripper (better in my opinion, but I own the X-2 for the reason in my next sentence...) and the X-2 has a "roller" gripper (can't remember the correct term.). I got the X-2 because where I bought it from (All Things Sports) I got 15-20 packs of string (can't remember exactly how many, but it was enought to last a LONG time) along with various other grips, accessories (sp?)...
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