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Default Levels of Machines (continued)

Here's some more levels of stringing machines.

"Entry Level" Electronic machines on a stand- I call these entry level because they're electronic machines, but not quite the really high end ones pros use. Again, like stand alone cranks, they come with pretty much the same features, only difference is the electronic tensioner.

Also, all of these machines use sophisticated electronic tensioners. They have load sensing electronics (uProcessors) that detect minute changes in tension. They are significantly better than table top electrics and cranks.

Lastly, the biggest feature of these machines is they have true constant pull technology.

  • Silent Partner Aria ($1599)
  • Silent Partner e.Stringer DG ($999)
  • Gamma 6500 ELS ($1799)


My choice-Silent Partner Aria

Reasoning-It comes with 3 tooth clamps and spring assisted clamps. Silent partner has great service. Unique, yet safe gripper. However, the brake is a screw brake, not a disc lock brake. Also, the mounting side posts are controlled with one knob, but i'm not sure if the whole mounting system is self centering. Regardless, the machine has true constant pull technology. Price is cheaper than Gamma, but a used one in good condition can run for $1000.

Quick Note: If the tension input is digitally controlled, odds are the machine uses a sophisticated electronic tensioner. The lockout electric tensioners typically use a knob to set the tension on a spring.


Professional Level Electronic Stringing Machines-Ladies and Gentleman, the creme de la creme. These are the machines that are high quality, used in pro shops, and not easy on the wallet. They have features making all other machines look simple. Electronic tensioners, various mounting systems, and top of the line clamps and turntables. A stringer's dream!

Features-wise, the Silent Partner Aria and DG are similar. However, these pro level machines are typically faster, self calibrating, have little convienient touches, and have higher quality parts and electronics.

  • Prince 3000 (Price????)(Ask iplaybetter about his)
  • Babolat Star 5 ($3000)
  • Tecnifibre TF7000 ($6000)
  • Silent Partner Opus ($2799)


My choice- Babolat Star 5

Reasoning-The Babolat Star 5 is one of the standards for Pro level machines. YULitle and flash9 have used this machine before. Great guys to ask about this machine. The tensioner is built for speed, and the 3 tooth clamps with their clamp bases have minimal drawback. The table utilizes unique, curved rails, but they hold firmly. Babolat has great customer service, and they are a proven name in the business. This machine is designed to help the stringer.

Once again, the differences between these machines are user preference. Each machine may be nearly identical to another with the smallest difference. I would love to have any of machines to string on.


Wise 2086 Tension Head-The Wise 2086 is an aftermarket electronic tension head. It retails for $495. You can get it with the foot pedal as well. There are many features, but there are disadvantages too. One disadvantage is the loss of 360 degree table rotation. Most people add a Wise onto a crank machine to get constant pull. One option when buying a machine is getting a crank and a wise instead of an electronic.

Some people also add the Wise to certain dropweights. The Eagnas Challenger I has a bracket designed to accomodate the Wise (bracket is available from Wise), but others require self fabricated brackets.

There are quite a few threads on the Wise tension head. Decide for yourself if it's for you.

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