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Originally Posted by tfm1973 View Post
auzzie - wish i knew you were coming out. if i get even fatter i am blaming you.

gimme a critique on the battle of the backhands. wookie? or holly?
I decided last minute to give it a shot, because my ankle has been slowly getting better and better. I actually showed up to the courts at 4:40 thinking I was late for the 4:30 start time. I was calling Sup to see if I was at the right location.

Different strokes for different folks. JRS is solid from everywhere in the court, HW is more flashy and a shotmaker. I gotta say though, when HW was hitting by himself against the two of us, he was cracking the ball. Both his forehand and backhand are heavy, lots of topspin, and powerful. In a tense match, I would probably prefer JRS consistency over anything flashy. However, I would love to be able to crack the ball and own the point like HW has the opportunity to do every time he has a look at a shot.
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