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Default Trader Beware!!

Topspin Man. I feel your pain. We have all been taken at one time or another. For me it took multiple times over many years to figure out that you cannot rely on the word of a stranger no matter how much you want to trust people.

I have been taken for thousands in the past, and will probably be taken again in some new fashion.

Here is my suggestion.

End the talk of revenge or paybacks, because if something bad does happen to him it is likely you will get a look at from the authorities since you have been so public about your disgust and displeasure.

Seek all legal recourse against him and work to limit his ability to continue his frauds. There is a fine line between these things and harassment, so keep in mind that you put yourself at risk over the price a a few rackets.

In a perfect world you could call on a friend in the Mob to collect your money, but in reality people like this often skate away free. It is likely that he will get a dose of misery from some direction he never expected, usually a girlfriend or wife. I'll give you an example.

I had a guy break a racket of mine at a tennis club, a brand new Prince worth around $200 at the time. I was a Pro there and had it sitting in the office, he came by with a someone I knew and without permission just picked it up, walked away with it and broke it in a fit of temper. He promised to pay me for it, but I never heard back. I ran into him again at a club and could have beaten him badly in the parking lot, but let it go. Not worth jail time.

Years later, I heard that he was doing illegal activity of some kind and had a pile of cash in a safe. Turns out his girlfriend got mad at him, cleaned him out and he could do nothing because it was ill gotten gains. I must have driven him insane. Oh well, bad for him, funny for me.

Anyway, the point is that in the future I would recommend never to send off anything without payment unless you have long experience with someone. Consider this loss part of your education about human nature. There are many good and trustworthy people out there, but separating them from the con artists is only possible by direct experience with them. Other than that, use auctions where you at least have some recourse and can control the outcome. In this case, you are probably out of luck.

If you want to avoid the risk of really getting really shafted, make sure you don't get married and have kids. Instead of losing a few rackets, try a few homes, a retirement, and a business. You will never get over it.
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