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The Talk Tennis Football Club

Calling all football lovers!...

Okay. I know we are tennis fanatics one and all, but having sometimes contributed to posts in the past on football related threads, I thought it might be good to have an actual members club where we could discuss our teams, countries, particular leagues and divisions, Champions League, EUFA cup, fave players (past and present); basically, anything on football (or 'soccer' as it's known to you Americans and Australians) and your team... your hopes, thoughts, frustrations, triumphs, etc, etc.

Anyway, if you want to talk football and join up, just tell me your name and your team/league, and you're in... like so:

1. Ross K... Tottenham Hotspur (English Premier League)...

Right... as a topic to kick us off, how about your thoughts on how your team is shaping up for the new season (especially as regards new signings and other developments.)

For myself, as a Spurs supporter, not for the 1st time in my life, I'm a little mystified and puzzled by our behaviour . Primarily I'm talking about letting Robbie Keane go and not replacing him with a forward of comparable renown... Okay, I'm very happy with the acquisition of Luca Modric... Giovani Dos Santos sounds promising.... David Bentley also undoubtedly has quality. But when you're allowing the likes of Robbie Keane to be sold to Liverpool, not to mention the always impressive Steed Malbranque being ditched after 1 season (why??!!)... replacing Paul Robinson with the Bruce Grobbelar-esque Gomez... and are still so obviously depleted not only up front (specially if Berbatov also goes), but also in terms of a more defensive central midfielder and definitely in central defence, well, it's a bit hard to comprehend. Also, Tottenham seems to have a black hole whereby we buy all these players who are swallowed up into the reserves or are quickly injured for vast lengthy periods (Kevin Prince-Boeteng? Ricardo Rocha? Gareth Bale? Abel Tarrabat 'the new Zidane', we were told?) On the other hand, last season I was very impressed with our Spanish coach Juande Ramos, who certainly gives the impression of inspirational, innovative and strong-minded leadership, so I suppose you have to have a bit of faith in what's going on (although I think my 'faith' might be strengthened with the signings of Arshavin, David Villa and a handful of Spanish internationals, Samuel Et'to, at least 2 worldclass central defenders to cover for King and Woodgate when they get horrendously injured which will doubtless be in about week 2 of the new season! )

Annnnyway... how have other people's teams been shaping up pre-season?... are you feeling confident?

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