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Originally Posted by AT92292 View Post
Is poly really as hard as I think it is to use with a rotational gripper? Because I really want to get an electric machine but Ive been hearing poly is hard to use with a rotational. But some linear grippers are just too expensive and I dont want to get a Wise because I dont want to worry about two different orders. So if rotational grippers arent that hard to use with rotational grippers I will just get that otherwise I will have to do some impressive convincing to get probobly an Silent Partner Aria versus a DG
I replied to your other thread re: Aria/DG. I really don't know about poly since I string exclusively with multi (natty gut soon). However, if poly is really harder to deal with on a rotational gripper, I wonder if the linear/rotational on the Aria will make that much of a difference. Again, I suggest you talk to Steve at SP before pulling the trigger -- he is straight and will give you the definitive answer. You could always go up to the Opus or use a crank -- I think the SP Maestro is the best deal going.

P.S. Zach seems to be a really credible guy based on my experience here. So I would take his advice at face value.

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