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The Talk Tennis Football Club

Our squad so far:

1. Ross K... Tottenham... (Eng. Prem. lge)
2. malakas... Panathanaikos (+ Barca & Juve!)... (Greek lge)
3. jonnyf... Rangera... (Scot. Prem. lge)
4. Breaker... Manchester City... (Eng. Prem. lge)
5. Fena14... Chelsea... (Eng. Prem. lge)
6. jmverdugo... Mineros de Guayana (Valencia y Man U!)... (Lga Venezolana)
7. rommil... Cheleas & Bolton... (Eng. Prem. lge)
8. SempreSami... Manchester Utd... (Eng. Prem lge)

Evening chaps (and this one might appeal to Fena and rommil),

Funniest football related moment of the day for me was hearing ex-Chelsea and new Inter manager Jose Mourinho, confidently expounding on how he fully expected Liverpool to win the Premier League title this season! (BTW, Fo those not in the know, Mourinho loathes and detests Liverpool, and made this statement because he is aware of the pressure and burdeon of expectation that Liverpool/Benitez are under this year to win the league and just wanted to add to it!)

"Wherever you are in the world... whoever you are... THE TALK TENNIS FOOTBALL CLUB NEEDS YOU!!!... come and join!"
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