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Steve Huff
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I don't know which of these 3 was worst.

1. I HS, our home courts were concrete. The service box on the deuce side may be smooth as glass while the service box on the ad side was heavily textured. Also, had a built-in crack (expansion joint) running up the middle of the court from net to baseline. (this was Nathan Hale HS in Tulsa, OK in 1975)

2. Wood floor that doubled as a volleyball court at Okla. St.

3. Old Dominion University, where a lot of our USTA sectionals are played. There is so much coal dust on the courts from all the mining at or near the university. Open a new can of balls, roll it across the court and it will have a black line on it. How do you think they look after a few games? Worse than that, I wonder what is going into my lungs there.
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