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Any Italian or Spanish fans out there? Would love to hear how your teams are looking right now before the season starts... Barca... Real... Inter AC... Juve... etc... Plus anyone really... Dutch, German, French, American - which reminds me...

I see Ruud Gullit has resigned having been coaching an LA Galaxy side that hasn't won a game in 2 months. WTF is going on out there with all that money spent/blown on Beckham?... I thought the Galaxy were meant to be like the iconic, pin-up American team?... what a mess!

Finally, I have to say exactly the same thing re Manchester City and the increasingly dire looking situation with their owner, Taksin Sinawatra (Sorry if I've spelt that wrong.) And reports here are making out Mark Hughes has threatened to quit if players don't stop being offered/sold behind his back. It really brings home all the concerns re the unregulated procedures that permit such figures to own and run football clubs.
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