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Default I Need To Buy New Racquet That Plays Like My Old One...

I played competitive tennis in high school and early in college in the early to mid 70s. Yeah, I am getting older.

I was a power and control player then, and I was very comfortable with the old Head Master aluminum racquets. Infact I still have a couple of new ones that have never been strung, and my the last few that I practiced and played with in the 70s.

It's been a long time since I have played, and I don;t like the look of the newer technology with the OS heads (although they were being introduced when I stopped playing, and I tried them, but didn't like them.

I kept my practice Head Master racquets strung with nylon, and my good racquets alway had VS Imperial Gut.

Along the way, I tried the Head Arthur Ashe Competition, the Head Professional, and the Head VIP. I didn't really care for any of them.

After long consideration, I figured out that I have a medium-short stroke. I developed enough power with the Head Master and the VS Imperial Gut when I was playing 2-3 hours a day to consistantly to put a brand new Wilson tennis balls through the chain link fence that surround most school tennis courts when I was serving.

I played with a lot of top spin, and had a tendency to bend or break racquets (not the strings) before I switch the the Head Master. I don't abuse my racquets, but eventually even the Head Masters will bend.

I would like to get back into playing on a regular basis, and maybe do some informal local tournaments down the road.

So what I would like to know is what current models from Head will play the most like my old Head Masters (feel and performance)when it was strung with VS Imperial Gut?

What synthetic strings should I use for my practice racquet/s, is there something that will play and where as well as the Gut that I used to use?

I know this was a long post, but I want to make sure that I am not dissapointed with whatever I decide to start with. I have been looking at Head Products, and am thinking about trying the Head I. Radical MP. The Liquid Metal series of racquets is out of my price range at this point.

So, what do you think?
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